Reason Behind The Unemployment Of Techies?

A statistics report of 2012 will shock you which analyzed the data and come up with a result that only 17% of techies in India are employable this stats shows the unemployability of techies in India and after even hire techies they are not capable and suitable for the job.

It raised a serious question for us that’s why most techies are not getting hired by the companies and not so much aware of their core streams courses and skills.



We researched a little and come up with some facts behind the unemployability of students and here let us start and explore the  Reason Behind The Unemployment Of Techies?

Because having a degree is not a solution to get a good job and main reason behind that is our education system and way of teaching the students they are not giving any practical education instead they only teach about the theoretical things and do not focus on practical things.

You heard Every time that people are unemployed?

Did You ever research that what is the reason behind that?


And believe me  The Only Reason Is Skill….  Skill…Skill

Yes, that’s the reason we have found that without skill you do not even compete in the I.T. Industry.

The general scenario is that as soon as students pass out from colleges they are not aware of the technology and work-life scenarios of the real industry culture.




That is the main reason that after bachelor and masters graduates are spending a lot of time to decide for technology and job opportunities.

There is one more example that even if you got a good job and work for 4-5 years there are the number of students who are not really happy with their job.

Do You Know Why??

And the answer is PASSION…

Without Passion, if you can choose any field then you are not happy and do not like your work because you want something else from your life.


So It is the right time to wake up and choose the right opportunity according to your passion and willingness to do something in your life.

It is the right time to master your skill and get expertise in the skills you love, otherwise, time will pass and one day in your life you realize and think that why not I have taken the action in past.

How To OverCome And Choose A Right Career Path?

  1. Research the most demanding job skills in the market
  2. Work On That Skill Only And Improve Other Skills According To Work Culture of industry
  3. Take suggestion from successful as well as failure people, the reason behind for taking suggestion by failure people is that you must know what was the reason behind his/her failure so accordingly you can identify the issues
  4. You better know your skills so try to find out that in which course you like most and enjoy your study
  5. Try to explore the career opportunity for the career you have chosen
  6. Join the best online training classes
  7. Create small milestones and get it done within defined time
  8. Focus on one skill set and try to master that skill rather than choosing many skills and do not expertise in anyone
  9. Read motivational books, great person biography and watch motivational videos and success stories behind every successful man
  10. Focus, Passion, Willingness, Positivity, Patience and  Smart Work are some of the keywords which you must include in your life dictionary



Nothing is impossible in life,  people achieved many things after a lot of difficulties and they create history!!

If you want something from your life it takes time but after many difficulties, your dream surely comes true one day.




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