Why Software Testing Is The Best Career Opportunity In 2017


Software Testing is the most demanding skill nowadays in information technology industry. Small, medium and large organizations are focusing equally on hiring the best talent for software testing as compared to the development and the reason behind focusing equally is true and proved that a successful software is depending upon the quality of testing.

There is a lot of statistics available which proved that due to software testing bug companies faced huge loss, some of them are listed below:

  • Knight’s Capital loss about $440 million due to a software bug
  • Microsoft Zunes new year crash
  • Air traffic control system lost due to a major bug
  • NASA mars climate orbiter bug



Nowadays, Software testing is the most demanding skill of 2017 in information technology industry because  everyone is looking to secure their products and ensure that their products would be 100% bug-free also it will be useful with longevity for real life users

People who are just graduated and looking for the job opportunity or if experienced people already working in the software industry have the best time to move into software testing which is the most demanding skill.

As there are a lot of competition in the market and companies are working towards the future of technology everything is changing and digitalizing so there is a huge demand for software implementation and making everything automated.



Automate the things of an existing problem and make people life easier is the main motive of almost all startup companies.

Below is some key points reason of software testing as best career opportunity of 2017:

  • Companies are more worried about the quality of products
  • Companies are looking for the product with minimal bug and which is useful for the real life users
  • Identifying the issues of existing application
  • Companies do not want the loss of money and user base due to bug
  • Ensure the measurement of performance, load, stress of The application
  • In software development process Testers must be needed to validate the software
  • Tester should be involved from the initial phase and responsible for any type of bugs
  • Small and medium organizations are focusing on delivering the quality products to the client hence they must be assured their software product would deliver bug-free
  • Companies paying high salary for the automation testers for mobile as well as web application
  • Highly secure
  • Best Work Life Balance
  • Regular vacancies in India and Abroad


What Are The Skills Companies Are Looking InTo A Quality Analyst?

As per the automated era small, medium and large organization are basically focusing on hiring for manual and automation testers for both mobile and web applications instead mobile application tester demand is very high and pay rate is also high as compared to the web and Manual testers. Companies are looking for the tester who are proficient in automation technology tool Selenium And Appium.

Small Organization or corporates are still focusing on the Manual tester talent hiring but the medium and large organization would prefer if you are an automation tester.

Some Of The highly demanding testing skills are:

  • Manual Tester With Knowledge Of Reporting Tools Like JIRA, Bugzilla, Mantishub, TFS

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  • Automation Tester Using Selenium, Jenkins And TestNG Report

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  • Mobile Automation Using Appium


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My Name is Mohammad Adil and I am a tech enthusiastic, a technical blogger, motivational speaker, trainer and passionate quality analyst with over 5+ years of experience in software testing field as well as information technology field. I worked with various reputed CMM level companies and currently working with a well-reputed product development company.