Software Testing Job Hierarchy – Career Growth Hierarchy


Software testing is a major and most important part of software industry field, every company is hiring the quality analyst to assure that their software will launch with minimal defects and also assure that the end product would be ready to use for real life users.

So software testing people involves from the initial level of project initialization to validate the requirement, scope, longevity, durability and quality.

Software testing job hierarchy is the level of software testers positions which can be involved at different level, as per the experience and knowledge software tester can be promoted every six months or a year in the organization.


1. Associate Quality Analyst : Initially software tester at fresher level get entry into the industry with the position of junior software tester or associate quality analyst, this is very initial level of position where generally employee can start writing test cases and executing already created test cases in the organization which is created by the lead or senior quality analyst. This is the level where employee are generally starts learning defect tracking tools. At this level mostly people are doing manual testing.

Career Tip: Learn To Write Test Cases And Defect Tracking Tools

Ideal Experience : 1-2 Years

2. Senior Quality Analyst: Senior quality analyst is the position where testers starts learning about different defect tracking tools and automation testing tools which helps them to grow better in the industry. some of the popular automation tools are like Selenium, Appium, LoadRunner and Apache JMeter.

Generally people starts and apply some of the automation testing tools and automate the application, Also tester learn the different defect tracking tools like JIRA, Bugzilla and Mantishub.

Career Tip: Learn To Automate the things and also get hands on experience on most defect tracking tools because companies are using different different bug tracking tools

Ideal Experience : 2-4 Years

3. Lead QA Engineer: Lead Quality Analyst are generally experts of each automation testing tools like Selenium, Appium, Selenidroid, Load Runner and Apache JMeter. At this level testers are aware about the architecture and different domain application testing experience like Travel, Education, E-Commerce etc. also at this level tester can write the test plans as well

4. Principal QA Manager: At this position Principal QA manager are generally involves in reviewing and analyzing the test plans also they are running various projects and lead QA engineers reports to the principal QA Manager. They are responsible for initiating, running and executing the management of quality assurance activities.

Ideal Experience : 5-7 Years

5. Project manager/Product manager: This is the last stage of QA Hierarchy generally QA people are more interested in Product managers job because they know all the requirement gathering activity, client requirement, interaction, user experience designing and analyze.

The best option and most suitable job for a tester is Product management at the end level, they know how to grow, how to manage team, what are the requirement scope of clients etc.

Ideal Experience : >7  Years






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