How To Install And Configure Java In Windows

Before running a program in Java user have to install the java in their local machines, once java will install it create the environment for running the program in JVM environment

Below is the step by step process to configure Java in your machine:

STEP-1: Click on this URL to download the java JDK in your machine Install JDK


STEP-2: Now choose and download the file according to your machine operating system and architecture

Step-3: After downloading the file run the executable file(.exe) and click Next….

Step-4: Once installation is complete and system show success message restart your machine(either you can do it manually or application ask to reboot the system)

Step-5: Now your java install on machine, but before running the program you have to set “Environment Variables”, for setting the environment variable click C:\Program Files\Java then choose the java JDK version which you installed before bin folder like in my machine path is something like this C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_121

Step-6: Copy the path of JDK directory and now right click on “My Computer” -> click “properties” -> “Advance System Setting” -> “Environment Variables”, Click on New button in “System variable” section. Now set the variable with path as below:

Variable Name: Java_Home

Path: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_121


Step-7: Click on the “Path” option in System variables section and add this into end “;%JAVA_HOME%\bin;” , below is the snapshot:


Click “Ok” options and Apply these changes

Step-8: Now java is installed and set in your machine you can now able to run java program easily, to check that java is installed correctly you have to check through command prompt. click window start option and type “cmd” or click “Win +R” keys and type cmd, run popup will open

Step-9: Now type “java -version”, if java is correctly installed in your machine then it prompts with information message about java version etc. below is the snapshot


That’s It, now you are ready to run java program easily. In the next chapter I will explain how to run first java program.

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