What Is Software Testing And It’s Importance?

Software Testing is the term with the combination of two keywords Software and Testing so basically, software testing is defined as the “Ensuring The correctness and quality of particular software by measuring it on various scenarios knows as the software testing“.

Below is some of the effective definitions about software testing:

  • It is the process in which analyst ensures the correctness, quality, and effectiveness of the software application and assure that it is usable for real life users.
  • Software testing is the regular process to identify the bugs in the application, report them and assure of getting fixed by the development team within a limited or decided span of time
  • Software testing is also a process to check the correctness, quality of the developed software


  • Software testing ensure that actual outcome of particular application module would be same as per the business requirement or we can say that to assure that the application functionality is working according to the business requirement known as software testing
  • It is a regular activity to check whether actual result is same as expected result
  • Software Testing involves at different phases of SDLC like from requirement gathering to deployment also they identify the issues or further blockage during requirement gathering phase.
  • Software Testing assure that software is defect free before release and good to use for real time users in various aspect like performance, quality, functional and other parameters

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Importance Of Software Testing

Software Testing play a major role in the software development life cycle(SDLC) and the deployment of any project is dependent on the quality of testing and reports. Software testing ensures that the developed software is built as per the business requirement and all feature as well as functionality working according to the expectation by business.

So Software testing is like a bridge between business and the development and ensures that real life users can much effectively use the existing application without any interference.


Below is the some of the important key points about the importance of software testing:

  • Software product/projects  measured by the quality of testing
  • Quality Analysis of a product highlights the existing issues in the application which developer are not be identify
  • Quality Analyst is playing like a bridge between business and development team
  • Involved from initial phase to ensure that the delivery of correct and effective software solutions
  • Measure the product as per different aspects and scenarios
  • Measure the performance/stability and accuracy of the application
  • Measure the Stress-strength of the particular application
  • Ensure the quality after minor implementation and highlight the issues through regression testing
  • Gather all the requirement and analyze the implementation
  • Highlight the issues/mismatch from business and development
  • Ensure correctness, effectiveness, and security of the products

Software Testers does not only do the testing of the particular product rather than understand the complete software product and also involves in various meetings.

There are a lot of opportunity in software testing and students need a right direction in which they implement the things and learn the practical scenario through training.


  • Manual Tester With Knowledge Of Reporting Tools Like JIRA, Bugzilla, Mantishub, TFS

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  • Automation Tester Using Selenium, Jenkins And TestNG Report

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