Test Cases For ATM Machine


Test Cases For ATM Machine is one the very important test case which is generally asked in the interviews. While writing any test case on ATM Machines it is very important to concentrate and assume yourself to perform the specific actions it will be very helpful for you to write any test case easily.

Here in testing class, our main motive is not only to teach and write the test cases but also we trained the professionals to behave and act like a tester.

In this series of tutorial, we will publish one test case in each week!!!!


So let us begin with the test case writing for ATM machine:

  • Verify ATM machine accept the card and read the information
  • Verify that user is presented with options when card is inserted from proper side
  • Verify that ATM machine proceed payment only PIN matches of the card
  • Verify that no further menu displayed until customer pin verified
  • Verify that expired card should not proceed by ATM machine
  • Verify Scratch cards should not be accepted by ATM machine
  • Verify that if user choose sequence of the money then in that sequence money should be withdrawal like 2000, 500,200
  • Verify that ATM should end the session if user not entered any pin for a certain amount of time
  • Verify that if user enter money more than the actual balance in the account ATM should respond with the proper message and money will not be withdraw
  • Verify that one customer can withdraw only specific(decided) amount in a single day from ATM
  • Verify that after money withdraw account balance should be decreased by the particular amount from the bank
  • Verify that if customer used ATM for transaction more than specified(decided) number of time then bank should be charged decided amount from the customer account
  • Verify that ATM machine will show the appropriate message while in case of card blocking and no transaction should be entertained.
  • Verify that the specific(limited) no of attempts should be allowed for entering PIN
  • ATM machine should provide the option to print the statement after transaction
  • Verify that if ATM machine runs out of money then proper message will show
  • Verify that user must enter the amount in multiple of available cash in the machine
  • Verify that certain electricity loss or machine shut down between the transaction then credited money should be transferred to the customer

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