Test Cases For Payment Gateway And Transaction

Test-Cases- For-Payment- Gateway-And-Transaction

Test Case For Payment Gateway And Transaction is one of the very important and useful scenarios for testing any e-commerce or payment transaction websites.

Let us start and explore the test cases for any payment integrated website as well as the payment gateway and transactions:

TC001: Verify the behavior of payment page once user perform refresh

TC002: Verify that clicking on “Payment” button it must redirect the corresponding payment page

TC003: Verify that payment page must contain options for payment like NetBanking, DebitCard, PayTm or Paypal etc.

TC004: Verify that selecting a particular option can redirect to the bank own site for payment/transaction

TC005: Verify that for shared payment integration payment page must be on the website itself and for the hosted payment it should be redirected to bank own payment page

TC006: Verify that after successful entry bank page must be redirected to e-commerce site with proper message

TC007: Verify that on failed transaction it must redirect to the e-commerce page with failure message and show the proper error message on website itself

TC008: Verify that refreshing on the page or double-click on payment must be logged out the session

TC009: Verify that correct entry for successful/failure transaction must be in the e-commerce database systems as well as show in the user account dashboard

TC010: verify the application behavior after pop up blocker

TC011: Verify the time lag between transaction into the bank and transferring into your company account

TC012: Verify that how application behaves while browser closed or machine turned off during payment

TC013: Check for all types of message and error codes after successful or failed transactions

TC014: Verify the email and other receipts for the owner and customer

TC015:  Verify and cross-check the amount which is payable from your website and deducted amount from respective bank page

There are many more test cases… this is just few test cases for the transaction.

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