Test Cases For Shopping Cart


Test Cases For Shopping Cart” is one of the cores and very important test case for the manual functional tester. it is one of the core and important feature for any e-commerce web portals. Below is the test cases for shopping cart feature:

TC001: Verify that website shopping cart icon is showing in the website header

TC002: Verify that by default cart is showing “0” or empty label

TC003: Verify that clicking on empty cart redirects to a cart page and show “Shop Is Empty, Please Add Some Items” message

TC004: Verify that once user can add some items to the cart and then close website as well browser, after that once user can arrive on the website with some other session shopping cart must show the previously selected items

TC005: Verify that closing a browser cannot remove the already selected items in the cart

TC006: Verify that opening any item can show an “Add To Cart” option or it is given on the product front page itself

TC007: Verify that by clicking on the product “Add To Cart” option it shows the number of items and price of the selected items

TC008: Verify that user can able to increase or decrease the product item counts of the cart

TC009: Verify that user can able to “Go To Shopping” page from Cart Page

TC010: Verify that for already added items in the cart when user again click on that particular product it must show “Go To Cart” option instead of “Add To Cart”

TC011: Verify that on increasing and decreasing the product quantity Price can also increase and decrease according to the quantity

TC012: Verify that user can able to remove any item from the cart page

TC013: verify that user can able to remove any item from the Cart page

TC014: Verify that there must be a “Place Order” button exist on shopping cart page

TC015: Verify that on refresh or redirection to any other page must not remove the cart information

Above is the list of most probable 15 test cases for shopping cart, even you can write hundreds of other test cases based on the website information as well as security perspective.

Test Cases For Shopping Cart is one the critical feature for any e-commerce website so the responsibility of testers is very high and important for Quality Assurance of the portal.



Note: If you are looking test cases for any scenario do let me know so in next article i will try to cover that part. also, please put your comments and additional test cases in the below comment box.

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