Test Cases For Pen


Test Cases For Pen is one of the very common questions asked in the interviews. In this article, we do not only teach you that how to create test cases for Pen rather than also teach you that how you are able to write any test cases

Creation Of Test Cases is a thought either positive or negative and it is coming at the time of creating test cases. It matters a lot that what is your thought when you are creating test cases for a particular scenario.

So let us start the creation of Test Cases For Pen.

TC001: Verify that pen ink color is same as expected

TC002: Check whether a cap on the pinpoint present or not

TC003: Verify that pen must write at any angle

TC004: Verify that pen length must follow some standard length rule so that it is easy to write from hand

TC005: Verify the grip of the pen is the best quality or not

TC006: Verify that pen refill is reusable for different brand refill

TC007: Check whether pen is writing properly on paper or not

TC008: Check the fitting of the pen from each and every point

TC009: Verify that size of the pen should be comfortable for writing

TC010: Verify that ink is not getting blemish while writing on the paper

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