Test Scenario Vs Test Case – A Comparison


Software Testing is one of the most exciting and joyful professions in which testers have to think out of the box and find out the bug either major, minor or critical, all the bugs have their own priority and severity.

Before finding the bugs it needs a better planning and better text execution to successfully achieve 95-100% test coverage that’s why testers need special attention and involvement from requirement gathering to deployment.

test case vs test scenario

There are various terms which are most common and very usable in the manual testing/automation testing processes.

  1. Test Scenario
  2. Test Case

Test Scenario

Test Scenario means that what are the features/functionality which is needed to be tested in the application known as a test scenario.

Test scenario also defined as “Test Scenario is basically the modules and feature which are needed to be test and listing of all such user actions scenarios” known as a test scenario.

Test Scenario also defined as “Set Of test cases known as test scenario”.

There are various uses of creating test scenario in which one of the most important uses of creating test scenario is that it assures the overall coverage of the application Feature. Business can easily identify and approve the test scenario based on business requirement.

So it is actually a set to define the critical functionality of the application.

Below is some important feature of creating test scenarios:

  • It helps to identify the test coverage of the application
  • It can be used to fulfilled the most tested user action in the application
  • It helps business to assure all the business requirement fulfilled
  • Scenario testing is using when there is a limited time for testing and business needs to achieve all the scenarios.

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Component Of Test Scenario:

  • Test Scenario Id#
  • Test Scenario
  • Test Scenario Description
  • Test Status
  • Priority
  • Severity

Test Case

Test Cases simply means that what are the actions and possibility which is performed by testers to find out the result and match that result with the business expectation, known as Test Case.

“Test Case Means Simple How To Test”

Below is the some of the definition of the test case:

  • Test Cases perform by testers to ensure that as per the input in the application output must come as per business expectation and without any interruption in the application
  • It inserts and test the various inputs and check the result as per expected output.
  • It is a process to check the application based on various possible user input in the application

So basically testers can write the test cases to check the end user possible inputs and ensure that based on all aspect of input system behaves as per expected result

Useful Free Resource:  Download Free Test Case Template

Component Of Test Cases:

  • TestCaseId#
  • TestScenario
  • Test Case
  • Test Data
  • Expected Result
  • Actual Result
  • Test Status
  • Priority
  • Severity

You can download your free test case template from above link and simply put your test cases.


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In next article, we will discuss Test Priority & Test Severity!!!

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