What Is Software Testing?


Software testing is the process in which tester can identify the bugs, report that bug and assure that all the identified issues resolved before deployment.


Below are some of the definitions of software testing:

  • Software testing is the regular process to identify the bugs in the application, report them and assure of getting fixed by the development team within a limited or decided span of time


  • Software testing is also a process to check the correctness, quality of the developed software


  • Software testing ensure that actual outcome of particular application module would be same as per the business requirement or we can say that to assure that the application functionality is working according to the business requirement known as software testing


  • It is a regular activity to check whether actual result is same as expected result


  • Software Testing involves at different phases of SDLC like from requirement gathering to deployment also they identify the issues or further blockage during requirement gathering phase.


  • Methodologies and techniques are different for different applications and mostly two types of testing which are in existence is Functional and Non-Functional


  • Software Testing assure that software is defect free before release and good to use for real time users in various aspect like performance, quality, functional and other parameters
  • The importance of Software Testing? There is many examples in the past which shows that due to software issue major problem occurred of software failure from Satellite, plane crash to radiation therapy failure


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