Selenium Testing Training

Selenium tool is the most demanding automation testing tool which is using by most companies and in future demand of selenium will be very high. we are basically focusing more on the practical part of selenium rather than theory. selenium is a tool and the reason behind the popularity of selenium is that it is open source and another is Everything is achievable in selenium which is possible through Java

In this session, we will cover selenium from the very basic to the expertise level. If you are not a coder in java don’t worry we will cover the java course from very basic and also it does not need expert level knowledge in java you just have to know the basic concepts.

Why Selenium As Automation Testing Tool?

As you know there are the number of automation testing tools available in the market, so why only Selenium as an automation testing tool!!! Here is your answer …

  • Selenium is the only tools which are open source
  • It has large support community
  • It is designed to support almost all programming languages like python, java, c# etc
  • It is supporting almost all web browsers
  • It is using the native library of all the major web browsers to it is easy to just call the methods rather than starting/stopping server etc.
  • It has one core advantage that whatever is possible in JAVA also achievable through selenium
  • It is supporting multiple OS
  • It is one of the popular automation web testing tools

Below is the course curriculum details:

Modules: 10      Duration: 3045 Days:: 10-12 Sessions

Class Type:   Online – Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)

Access Type:  Lifetime access to all the course material, videos, career updates and job information

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Basic Selenium With Introduction And Installation

  • Introduction to Selenium?
  •  An importance of Selenium And It’s Future use in the industry?
  • Why are Most corporates using selenium?
  • An importance of selenium in software testing industry?
  • Career opportunity in selenium
  • Basic Introduction Of Selenium
  • Selenium Complete Overview With Tools and Features Available
  • Installation of Selenium and setup complete selenium
  • First selenium program
  • Types of selenium testing tools and its usability
  • An Overview Of Selenium IDE
  • An Overview Of  Selenium RC And Web Grid
  • Overview Of Selenium Web Driver

Module-2: Getting Started With Core Java

  • What Is Java?
  • Why is java useful and important for Selenium Testing?
  • Core Java Concepts
  • OOPS Concept Overview
  • Methods, Class
  • Constructors
  • Inheritance, Abstraction, Encapsulation and other Oops concept
  • Package
  • Data Types
  • Operators
  • Flow Control and switch statement
  • Arrays and objects
  • String handling
  • Exceptions and assertions
  • I/o Statements
  • Wrapper Classes

Module-3: Getting Started With WebDriver

  • WebDriver Introduction and overview
  • Webdriver installation
  • WebDriver configuration with eclipse IDE
  • Running first scripts on different web browsers
  • Handling Forms elements in Web Driver like text box, text area, button, radio buttons, checkbox and others
  • Implicit and explicit wait also fluent wait usage with example
  • Handling with alerts and tabs
  • File upload
  • mouse actions, drag, and drop, resizable etc. web interfaces handling
  • Actions class usability
  • Keyboard actions handling and mouse action handling
  • Working with multiple web browsers

Module-4: Maven Project Configuration And Running Scripts 

  • Introduction to Maven
  • Installation and configuration a project with Maven
  • Running the first program in maven
  • Maven structure and folders discussion
  • Pom.xml file importance and usage
  • Maven dependencies
  • running projects through maven
  • maven eclipse integration
  • Important web handling with example through maven

Module-5: Reporting Through TestUnit And TestNG 

  • Implementation of TestNG
  • Why TestNG important and it’s usage
  • Running project through TestNG
  • managing and handling large projects with reporting through TestNG
  • Emailable reports and raw reports handling in TestNG
  • Reporting through TestNG
  • Emailable report with screenshot in TestNG
  • Emailing reports features

Module-6:  DataBase Connectivity With IDE Integration And Reading Data From Excel Sheet

Module-7: Jenkins Integration With Complete Report And Example

Module-8: Data Driven Framework

Module-9: Working On A Real Time Project

Module-10: Overview Of software testing industry work culture and other standard technique for professionals



About Trainer

My Name is Adil and I am the blog author and trainer for manual testing as well as automation testing using selenium. I have over 5+ years of experience in Software Testing Field and worked with various CMM level companies. I worked on various domains like Travel, E-commerce, Online Testing & Education, Analytics. My vision is to create a dedicated community for software testers and trained them as per industry perspective.

Nowadays there is a lot of lack of the skills that’s why students are not able to get right job or experienced are not placed in a well-reputed company, so here we are creating the future of freshers and experienced professionals.