What Is Selenium, It’s History About Popular Framework


Currently, Selenium is the most widely used automation testing framework there are many reasons behind the popularity of selenium over other testing tools but before knowing about the popularity let us explore some important points about Selenium and its History.

What Is Selenium?

Selenium is an open source web-based automation tool and one one of the most popular automation testing framework. It actually calls the native Application Programme Interface(API) of all major browsers and automates any complex web-based application.

It is using once final build is ready for a particular module or application and no major changes will be implemented in future so basically,  it is implemented in Regression Testing phase to ensure that existing feature of the application is working as per business expectation.

We can not say that Selenium is a tool rather it’s a framework and set of APIs calling to achieve the result.

For example, For connecting the database there is an API name “JDBC” is using, to list down all the logs there is an API named “LOG4J” used. hence we can say that it is a set of various APIS and Frameworks.

Component Of Selenium?

There are basically four components of Selenium:

  1. Selenium IDE
  2. Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  3. Selenium Grid
  4. Selenium WebDriver


WebDriver is most useful and widely usable component of selenium, it is using to build robust and powerful automation tool.

Later the implementation of Selenium WebDriver,  developers team can merge both Webdriver And RC and come up with a great framework known as Selenium2. Nowadays in 2017 Selenium releases selenium3.

History Of Selenium

  • In 2004 Jason Huggins of Thoughtwork introduced a js based automation testing solution known as Selenium Core [ Drawback: Failed due to same origin policy]
  • Paul Hammannt provided a solution and overcome with another component of Selenium and is is Selenium RC [It overcome to the same origin policy but a standalone server needs to start every time on every test run and also very complex integration]
  • Selenium Grid introduced by Patrick Lightboy to minimize the execution time of test cases and suits it also captures screenshots
  • Selenium IDE was created by Shinya Kasatani in 2006 it is basically a plugin for Firefox which you can easily record and play any web application but it is only used for prototyping and no complex application can be tested through IDE because of limited features.
  • In 2006 Simon Stewart comes up with a great solution that he is using the base APIs of all the major browsers and automates through calling their native APIs which creates a remarkable change and supports multi-os, multi-language, multi-browsers.

Later, Selenium team can merge the features of Selenium RC and WebDriver and launch a great automation tool known as Selenium2. Currently, Selenium3 launched in the market.

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Reason Behind The Popularity Of Selenium?

There are a lot of reasons behind the popularity of Selenium, below is some of the important reasons:


  • Selenium is an open source automation testing framework
  • Selenium provides the feature which Java provides means everything which is achievable through Java is possible to achieve in Selenium
  • Multi-Platform support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Multi-Browser Support
  • Robust And Easily automates complex application
  • Directly interaction with native browsers APIs
  • Scalable and distributed scripts over various machines

If you want to read full documentation of selenium I would prefer to read the history from Here

Download Selenium JAR/SetUp File Click Here

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